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I'm Not Dead Yet.

Sheree Burlington8 Comments

I know. It's been two weeks. It's not that I haven't thought of you. I have. The knowledge that you're out there, waiting for my next post is a lot like sharing a summer night with a mosquito.

My silence is not due to a lack of material. I've amassed a wealth of brilliant ideas for posts. The problem is that I have no time to write them. Next weekend, I head to NY for a week - big gift show. I've had three months in which to prepare for this show. When did I start? This past Monday. I should be releasing a dozen new pieces. The grand total - three. Four if the stuff in the kiln is not a total bust.

I'll be back soon with an Atlanta update. Then I'll show you all pics of my new studio. Then, I'll introduce you to my awesome staff. Then, I'll tell you all about New York, where I plan to have at least one meal with the Wicked Famous Lorrie Veasey.

Stay with me, people. I'll be back.