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Goodbye, Opinionated Broad

Sheree BurlingtonComment

Inspired by a friend's blog and subsequent fame, I started OOAB in October 2008. Thinking I'd spend a few minutes a day on it, I soon found it consuming my days and nights. I lost momentum in 2009, but not before writing posts that continue to entertain me today. Is it PC to laugh at your own jokes? 'Cause I do. Laugh. 

Today, I find myself with 8 blogs. They all contain different content and nearly all are in a state of chronic neglect. So when I decided to blog to my retailers & social media followers, I returned to my roots. Opinions of a Broad is filled with true stories of  my past life, peppered with occasional good writing & often bad language.  There are many more stories - unwritten but ready for the telling. While I'm waiting for the words, I'll tell the stories of my current life, which evolve around my work, a handful of awesome and loyal employees and the MP customers and fans, who give us purpose.