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Keeping It Simple

Sheree BurlingtonComment

A few weeks ago I came up with the big idea to create and post a pattern a day. What I did not know was that this idea would soon feel like a pair of cement shoes next to my bed. I took a fun new thing and turned it into a third shift, minimum wage job. So I quit. I'm going back to creating patterns only when I feel like it. Last night I did not feel like creating, so I spent time on Pinterest looking at pattern boards. Here's what I found. I don't like my stuff. It does not jump off of the page at me. It does not ask me to look at it. And I'll tell you why - because it tries too hard. It's filled with too many shapes and too many colors and too much too much. I'm at work and should be working on my website but don't feel like it. So I created this simple little pattern instead. Feels pretty good.